Folks who know about Houston Real Estate Specialists know that we serve several states and that we buy and sell many properties.

If the property you list with Houston Real Estate Specialists doesn’t sell within the contracted period, we offer to buy it or arrange to have it rented for you.

Our inventory is always expanding and so is the list of contractors in all the states our properties are. After nearly twenty years we have found great service providers and last week in Denver, we needed plumbing emergency service.

Thank God it was Denver because we could utilize one of our premier contractors, Arvada Plumbing Services (www.arvadaplumbingservices.com). We’ve used Arvada Plumbing Services all around our Colorado homes with great success for everything from simple leaks to complete remodeling.

This time the problem was a horrible smell and my staff couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Was it the drains? The sewer? The septic tank? Nobody could figure it out but they sure could smell it!

I needed to show this home and it wasn’t going to happen until the problem could be solved. Naturally, I needed the plumbing emergency services of Arvada Plumbing Services!

When Arvada Plumbing Services arrived at the home, they went right to work performing all kinds of inspections! They even went on the roof and inspected the pipes that come out to vent the plumbing.

Within an hour they had figured out the problem. The house had been sitting up for a while unoccupied and every one of the drain pipes in the kitchen and bathrooms had developed a bacterial growth throughout the system that required a industrial scale cleaning.

I know that when you think about plumbing emergency services, you typically think about burst pipes, but in this case it was every bit as bad!

The crew carefully performed a special treatment to the entire plumbing system to clean and restore the pipes and the problem was very quickly resolved!

So, while this might not be the same kind of plumbing emergency services you think about when you’re in a jam, it was certainly a big problem for us and I wanted to give the good folks at Arvada Plumbing Services a shout out and let them know how much we appreciate having them perform everything we need concerning plumbing in our Denver homes.